Thursday, December 03, 2009

Micro-Managing His Message

It becomes harder every day to accept that this isn't made up; it is real and indicative of the path we are on. The President of the United States in his Constitutional role as Commander-in-Chief has an obligation to maintain the nation's security. That is best done, in my mind, by clearly showing the world that the state of our military is the best in the world and that our technology and production capability is such that none dare challenge us.

What then to make of this:

Bring Out The Old, Disregard the New

How hypocritical can the man be? He goes to Alaska to have a photo-op with the troops who defend us from attack by air. He stands before them and praises the two squadrons arrayed dutifully in the hangar as the cameras hum and the lights flood the dias. The Dicemen of the 90th FS and the Bulldogs of the 525th FS are the finest of the force, hand-picked for the honor and privilege of flying the F-22 Raptor. Anyone wearing wings in the world is envious of them.

But, the Bamster's boys from Chicago demand that the sleek new example of America at her finest be moved out of the scene and replaced by an aging, obsolescent, soon-to-be-retired F-15 Eagle. He would be "embarrassed" by allowing himself to be pictured before an aircraft that he fought so hard to kill.

What next, puttees and muzzle loaders for the infantry photo-ops? Sailing ships for a port visit backdrop?

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juvat said...

Damn Ras! Did you have to use the word obsolescent when describing the Eagle. Cut me right to the quick you did. Much as an Author I've read described something called a "Thud", the Eagle is my sweetheart!