Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Policy Collapsing Under Impact of Reason

It was possibly the ultimate in left-wing feel-good political posturing. We must close the terrorist incarceration facility at Guantanamo. The horrific nature of a catered beach-front facility with prayer rugs, Korans, halal menus and La-Z-Boy recliner interrogation sessions was causing the world's potential jihadis to be radicalized. Flush toilets and daily hygiene regimens were too disgusting for the nut-jobs of the Islamic world to contemplate.

The rationale was that if we close Gitmo, then the focal point of media attention would be removed. Take that away and the terrorist threat would be mitigated. Un-bloody-likely!!!

The "chickens are coming home to roost" on this with increasing revelations of the recidivism of the previously released unlawful enemy combatants. They don't love us or even revise their evil ways when we let them go. Could the red-neck, gun-loving retards of fly-over country possibly have been right? Now even Dianne Feinstein is questioning what we've apparently demanded of our Messiah.

Sending Them Home is NOT an Option

Something is terribly amiss when the Bamster's most loyal minions are beginning to notice the transparency of the Emperor's policy cloak. I wonder if he will begin to get the picture. I wonder if his Secretary of State will emerge from her lair shortly to weigh in on this policy. I wonder if the SecDef will remember his Aggie roots. I wonder if Janet Napolitano has been tuning up her resume. I wonder if the TSA will finally merit enough administration attention to get the vacancy in the director's seat filled. I wonder.


juvat said...

Don't hold your breath while you're "wondering"!

Anonymous said...

Harummpf! People who lose faith in the Bamster need art therapy!