Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Speaking the Truth

I'll freely admit that I think Howard Dean is a buffoon. But, even a buffoon can speak the truth and here we have it in spades:

That is right! He makes three points here as he speaks to this gathering of half a dozen apparently very bored and somnolent coffee-shop attendees.

First, he highlights that we have become something called a "multi-cultural generation" meaning that we now have learned to appreciate "diversity" and will make our voting choices based on really important stuff like how inter-racial is the candidate's background rather than hard policy positions.

Second, he freely admits that the Democrats are deeply into "communitarianism" which can be interpreted to mean redistribution of wealth and Socialism as an alternative to private property, free-market pricing, and profit motivation to drive the economy. That's a delightful confession.

And, finally, he tells us that it isn't simply a Messianic, ego-driven need for the spotlight which keeps us subjected to the Obama channel 24/7 but a conscious decision of the entire Democratic party to remain in campaign mode permanently rather than do that hard stuff like actually running the government.

I honestly couldn't have made that stuff up. He seems quite proud of it.

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