Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Open Government Road Show

As I've said so often before, when the Bamster speaks you can be certain that what he does will be precisely the opposite of what he said. We're gradually recognizing that the principle applies to his promise of transparency and openness in government. While he told us of a new era of visibility of the policy-making process the actual practice has been to slam more doors shut not only to the citizenry but to the media and even to the minority party. It is policy making by fiat and diktat not by democratic process.

He's going to be off to Copenhagen to sell out the last vestiges of American sovereignty and drive an oaken stake through the heart of our economy while simultaneously firing a fusillade of silver bullets, sprinkling it with holy water and exposing it to a mirror. This vampire of free enterprise and a capitalist system will be dead, dead, dead.

So, how is the rape of the productive nations going on Day Two? Check this:

The Committee of Commitment Gets Caught

Yes folks, the real collapse of the plot to bring the industrialized world to its knees is imminent as the slavering Morlocks of the third world are disappointed that those of us with electric lights aren't going to be buying faggots and kerosene to light our golden beacon on the hill.

As the pack of jackals begin to snap at each other maybe there is a first glimpse of the Messiah bringing back another Olympic bid moment from Denmark next week.

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