Friday, December 11, 2009

The Subtleties are Blatant

It premiered last night in London and the raves are in. Cameron's taken fourteen years since Titanic and nearly as much money as an Obama dinner date to make Avatar. You've already seen the blurbs on TV spots and it would be difficult to call it anything but mind-boggling, excessive, captivating and maybe comic-books taken to the next level.

Here's one of the stars out of makeup, or for conspiracy theorists maybe she's actually in makeup:

But, check out the little bits of indoctrination we've got going on there. There is the basic motivation for invading these not quite peaceful purple people, the quest to meet our insatiable need for energy while the rest of the galaxy is somewhere between primitive and philosophical.

There is the aggressive colonial perspective of the Americans or at least white, English-speaking militants. There is the racial stereotyping in which cultures collide and prejudices evaporate as miscegenation enhances hormonal drives.

Of course there's a bit of endangered species/PETA propaganda as well. And some disregard for environments on any planet we visit.

But, wrap it all in thunderous music, state-of-tomorrow's-art special effects, cool colors and offer it in 3D, IMAX and Blue-Ray flavors to enrapture all of the slavering masses who will come away another step down the path toward guilt and servitude.

I can't wait until it releases at local theaters. It may be the first flick to get me into a real theater since Gladiator!


Anonymous said...

It's just the left (the public relations department of the global corporate state) cramming more Rousseau down our throats. The message is about as intelligent as the sheep in Animal Farm bleating "Four legs good, two legs bad."

How about a movie in which the universe is hostile to human life, and people are forced to use empirical science and the spirit of free inquiry to cure debilitating diseases, to create warm and dry shelters, to make life tolerable and meaningful, and to protect the innocent from superstition, fanaticism, barbarism and tyranny....

Anna said...

Try sophmoric world building. The Na'vi have two legs and two arms - quadraped you could say. Flipping through an Avatar artbook at bookstore all the major fauna of the Na'vi homeworld are hexapedal. Hey James, you got a problem right there. Though he might have made the Na'vi to be more identifiable by movie-goers.

Or to put more distance between Avatar and Poul Anderson's short story Call Me Joe which deals with a parapalegic man controlling a new body on a hostile world, eventually he goes completely native.

MagiK said...

I wont spend my money on propaganda flicks for the left. :P I am really sick of how crappy Hollywood is treating our Military people as it is ever notice how one dimensional most soldiers or military members are in any movie made since 1980?, and to add the eco-nonsense to it, just drove me out of the theater.

We have decided not to see it, maybe when it hits blueray....or maybe not.

Ed Rasimus said...

I-man, you must have missed Hal Moore's epic, "We Were Soldiers Once..." as well as "Blackhawk Down."

Now, if someone in Tinsel Town wants to do a bio-epic of "Fighter Pilot" I will be ready to retire.

MagiK said...

Ack!!! We were Soldiers was awesome, I forgot about it....I believe I have the DVD somewhere.....
And I haven't seen Blackhawk down, though I suppose I should.

I stand Corrected...but those are exceptions...and not the rule.

Merkw├╝rdigliebe said...

If they made a movie based on "When Thunder Rolled" or any of Tom Wilson's books I'd go see them!