Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Say It Isn't So!

We've got yet another example of the current administration's political tin ear with this discovery:

Prime Time Speech Bumps Linus & Charlie

The President as we all know is going to announce the deep and profound policy decision that he and his 47 closest non-military, non-combatant, non-aggressive advisors have reached after three and a half months of dithering regarding what Gen. McChrystal gets in Afghanistan.

Now, if you read a newspaper or watch any TV news, you already know what he is going to say. It has all been leaked already through Pravda, oops, make that the New York Times. There's going to be 35k troops, a request for another 10k from our allies, and a double-talk message to Karzai about keeping his corruption a bit more discreet if he wants us to prop him up. No real need to watch.

But, ever one to carpe his diem the Bamster is going to seize control of the airwaves and speak it from his own teleprompted lips. OK, that will give it gravitas or whatever, but he is going to do it from the US Military Academy at West Point.

Now, he could give the speech from the desk of the Oval Office in fifteen relatively un-interferring minutes. That however wouldn't create the grand stage which he so craves. So, he packs up the family jets and at a paltry cost of a few hundred million dollars will transport the entourage to New York for an event before what is essentially a crowd of teen-agers and military academic careerists.

In the process of this waste and disruption he blacks out what for many families is a Christmas tradition, the Charlie Brown Christmas story.

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