Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Do These Folks Have In Common?

1.Glenn Beck
2.Sarah Palin
3.Rush Limbaugh
4.George W. Bush
5.Ann Coulter
6.Michelle Malkin
7.The Tea Party Patriot
8.Dick Cheney
9.Bill O’Reilly
10.Michelle Bachmann
11.Karl Rove
12.Sean Hannity
13.Matt Drudge
14.Newt Gingrich
15.Andrew Breitbart
16.Mark Levin
17.Laura Ingraham
18.Roger Ailes
19.Clarence Thomas
20.Rupert Murdoch
21.James O’Keefe & Hannah Giles
22.Antonin Scalia
23.Mitt Romney
24.Marco Rubio
25.Jim DeMint
26.Michael Savage
27.Chris Christie
28.Bill Kristol
29.John Roberts
30.Donald Rumsfeld
31.Scott Brown
32.Grover Norquist
33.Pat Buchanan
34.Jan Brewer
35.Liz Cheney
36.John Boehner
37.Thomas Sowell
38.James Dobson
39.Paul Ryan
40.John Bolton
41.Dick Armey
42.Michael Steele
43.Samuel Alito
44.Mike Pence
45.Jim Inhofe
46.David Horowitz
47.Bob McDonnell
48.Charles Krauthammer
49.Ed Morrissey
50.Eric Cantor


immagikman said...

Umm Conservatives, hated by Obama and the left?

juvat said...

top 50 conservatives hated by Obama and the left

Randall said...

They're all at least a little too soft on the left?

Harry said...

They all have vowels in their names.

Me said...

They're all welcome to stop over to my place for brats and beer?
(Might have to take Savage and Buchanan under advisement, but the rest seem solid.)

Newbius said...

They all have brains. And, they use those brains to skewer the left daily. Much to the chagrin of Townhall.

Scott McCray said...

All sharp folks I'd like to meet, most of them ike Me said - welcome to drop by for dinner and drinks.

Dixie said...

They've all been burned in effigy by leftists?

Tam said...

They all have political views that overlap mine by at least... oh... 5%?

(Although with some of them, 5% is pushing it...)

Six said...

You got me Ed. The only thing I can think is that all of them are involved in alternative media.

Ed Rasimus said...

They are the first half of the To 100 Conservatives the Left Loves to Hate as listed by and Townhall magazine. I didn't make the second half of the list either.

Six said...

You're number one in our hearts Ed.