Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Can you still have any adrenaline left after yesterday's playoff games?

The final minutes of the Saints-49ers was unbelievable. If we are to believe that there was a divine interest in the game that might merit intervention the shock was that it didn't link to Tim Tebow. That game was an entirely different story.

Tebow did his best but the rest of the Denver Broncos apparently took the weekend off. Tom Brady returned from his four year hiatus into mediocrity to flash the precision and skill which had begun to look as though it had burned out. If the Pats bring that next week, we're going to have a memorable Super Bowl.

Barring an upset this afternoon, I'm thinking Pack v Pats on the big day and I couldn't begin to make a prediction on who might take the hardware home from Indianapolis.


Hippo said...

Ah, well maybe the G-Men and the Pats at the big dance (g)?

Anonymous said...

So how did that prediction work for you?

Ed Rasimus said...

Show how much I know about football. Who was it that showed up in green and yellow? Sure wasn't the Pack that played the rest of the year.