Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decisive Outcome

The "Who Cares Bowl" was played last night to determine the national championship of college football and the answer was clear and decisive. Of the two teams playing, it was "none of the above."

The team that came in ranked #1 in the nation displayed no ability to run the ball, no ability to pass the ball and little or no defense. They had no stars, no dynamics and little more than a high school level competence with regard to avoiding simple penalties.

Their opponent, showed that despite mediocre defense they still could not get the ball inside field goal range for most of the game and even then they could not always execute that basic play from normal range with consistency. Their defense offered little in the way of sacks or picks.

It was a game without stars. There was no premier quarterback. I didn't see an exciting running back or an amazing receiver. No linebackers distinguished themselves, no safeties made incredible plays and the kicking game was ho-hum.

The previous game was equally ho-hum when these teams met except the other team came out on top when time mercifully expired. Now we've got a 1-1 record at the end of the season. So who is the real national champion? Neither of these two sad organizations is a definitive champion. The BCS has clearly failed to perform its primary function. Is there a National Champion for the 2011 season? There might be, but it sure isn't either of these. Would a match-up with Oklahoma State or Stanford or Wisconsin or even Baylor have been more entertaining. I can't possibly doubt it. This was of the level of laying on your back and looking at the ceiling to watch flies fornicate.


hitman said...

And how does a team that looks as bad as the Tigers were last night end up #2 in the final polls? They might have been #1 or #2 earlier in the season, but they sure weren't last night.

FlyingBarrister said...

Damn Ed, you sound like an old maid spinster school teacher harping on the BCS matchup.

The purpose is to match up the two best teams in the country, and it served its purpose. The purpose of the game is not to satisfy every curmudgeon and meet his or her subjective definition of "entertaining."

Those of us who live in real football territory and appreciate quality football (obviously SEC country) liked it and were entertained. That game was all Bammer, and everyone kept waiting for LSU to turn it on and open it up like it did in the second half of the SEC CG. But Bammer's defense played lights out and shut LSU down for 4 quarters. LSU's defense was pretty good, and only allowed one touchdown, which was late in the game after the LSU D had been on the field far too long.

What that game constitutes is the pairing of teams that are excellent in all 3 facets of the game--O, D, and ST. Contrast that to the Okie State-Standford game that was a non-stop shootout because they do not excel in defense, and just have to hope that they get lucky and the clock runs out.

I attended a very nice gathering. We drank too much beer, we ate too much wild game, we stayed up too late, and we had too much fun.

immagikman said...

Penn State?

Anonymous said...

Bullshit Champioship Series


Anonymous said...

No matter, surely CONgress will again make noise about regulating college level entertainment businesses.
(as Joe Barton, jackass TX, tried a couple of years ago)