Monday, January 09, 2012


"...and so the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper."

Actually that was written about the 2011 NCAA college football season. It all wraps up tonight with the long awaited "Vinyl Siding, Aluminum Stormdoor, Fried Chicken and Double-Wides of America Who Cares Bowl" matching up LSU and Alabama in a rematch of a boredom inducing 9-6 soccer goal contest.

The noise you hear in the background is the sarcastic laughter emanating from the SEC/BCS luxury suite where the tall dogs are chuckling over how they've denied America any semblance of a national championship competition.

They will point at the totally objective, non-prejudicial, computer generated, no humans involved point totals that somehow evaluate such factors as game attendance, pop-corn sold, parking tickets validated, strength of schedule, temperature at kick-off and successful plea-bargains by defensive secondaries to calculate who is one and two in the nation.

Is it remotely possible that the only place in the nation with meaningful football is the SEC? Is it believable that we all wait with bated breath to see if Alabama can beat LSU if given a second try? Is it feasible that America eagerly seeks touchdown droughts for entertainment? Does anybody care if Honey Badger had his hair done since Heisman day?

Can I really believe that the Big 12 doesn't have someone worthy of playing the vaunted LSU? It seemed that Oklahoma State looked pretty good all year and they didn't play a push-over schedule. Stanford showed some talent. Wouldn't there have been more interest in an LSU match up against Wisconsin or Oregon? Am I to believe that inquiring minds don't want to know about regional comparison when it comes to national championship?

We need one more rule in that BCS balderdash. NO rematches of already played games and NO pairings from the same conference in a national championship. NONE! Ever!

"Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn!"


Anonymous said...

Oregon already lost to LSU. I would have selected O State.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit Championship Series


FlyingBarrister said...

What the BCS has done is matched up the two best teams in college football. Period. It just so happens that both of them are from the same conference and division, and they played one another earlier.

I am getting as much satisfaction from the whining and gnashing of teeth of all the anti-SEC folks as I am from the matchup of two from the SEC. The downside is that there is going to be a subtle backlash because this will be 6 in a row and the SEC is the only conference in competition for the championship this year. The voters will do what they can to hurt the conference after this.

Of course, the antis can take satisfaction in the fact that for the first time since it began in 1998, an SEC team will lose in the BCS Championship Game.

NOLA has been rocking the last 3 days with all the Saints activity and the buildup to this game. The report I got from friends is that one could barely get around because it was so crowded.

Okie State and Standford weren't shit, they could barely stop the other from scoring and it took overtime for them to sort it out. LSU would have beaten the crap out of either of them, like it did Oregon.

juvat said...

"LSU would have beaten the crap out of either of them, like it did Oregon."

But we'll never know, will we? And that, I think, is the point.

Hippo said...

You wrote:

Is it remotely possible that the only place in the nation with meaningful football is the SEC?

Hippo (Bama '65) replies:

In a word, yes!!!