Friday, January 27, 2012

Leading the World

Leadership! That's what it is about. Seizing the moment. Grabbing the opportunity to abandon fossil fuels; you know that stuff that you put in your car and it reliably gets you to work every day. It's about wind and solar. We don't need no stinking dead dinosaurs! We've got vast landscapes to deface with huge bloody windmills that work some of the time, cost horrendous amounts to erect, use components often from off-shore and consume vast amounts of fossil fuel energy to build, transport, build and maintain. We've got almost half of every day filled with sunshine to fire up those solar cell arrays that cover the land that could otherwise be used for crops or livestock or homes or schools, unless of course it is cloudy.

But we can look beyond all that. We can stimulate the future. We can dedicate vast sums of money and send Joey "Da Mouth" Biden, aka Veep of da Youse, to bask in the reflected glory of the lucky entrepreneur who got a government check to fund his retirement home in the Bahamas without having to go through those intervening years of building a productive company. A campaign slogan might be "Funding Failures For the Future"! It's got a nice alliterative quality to it.

Battery Builder Goes Bust Being Out-Built by Beijing

Don't feel badly about this. It's less than a quarter of what Solyndra wasted. It's about leadership and the future and the freedom from dependency on middle-eastern oil. It's almost like we had a bordering neighbor with a lot of oil to send us if we only built a pipeline. Maybe we could pump the oil from Canada to American refineries that we could build with a pipeline supported by electric car batteries which weren't doing very well in cars. We'll simply recharge them from electricity produced by the windmills occasionally.

That's leadership!


Anonymous said...

I'd comment on the drivel you wrote but becasue you're censoring me I won't.


juvat said...

Speaking of Drivel.....

Ain't Cut and Paste great, leadfoot?

immagikman said...

Hey Soros and Buffet made/will make fortunes off Obama's decision to to allow the let see if we make this fair he should confiscate their entire wealth over a million dollars and give it to us po people.... /snark

hitman said...

Does his comment about drivel sound like a snivel?

Anonymous said...

I abhor censorship. I abhor Hypocisy and I really can’t stand someone who can dish it out but can’t take it.

Ed wants Thundertales to be Pg-13? Proven Hypocrisy!!! Proof Censored.

Rather Ed can’t stand that someone might express disgust with his Male Chauvinist PIG attitude on Mariane Gingrich and that he acted like a fool in defending Herman Cains sexual harassment. Again Censored.

So Ed you’re with the Fucking experts. Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and last but not least Ho Chi Minh.
Have a nice day!