Sunday, January 29, 2012

We've Got Our Own Race Card to Play


foxone12 said...

Wow! Stirring speech to an obviously friendly crowd. Now I'd like to hear a steady drumbeat of how wrong it is to carve us up as 1% and 99%. I'd like to hear a drumbeat of how people, given a bit of help, a little luck, and a lot of freedom can and do pull themselves out of poverty, do make something of their lives. I want to hear that ghetto living is a state of mind and not jail. I want to hear emphasis on results, not simply 'good feelings' and 'good intentions.' America is a great country. Why the hell does anyone think differently when people are begging to get in. This was a wonderful speech and a wonderful post! Thanks!

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Sadly, the establishment Republicans in the Fla. legislature have mindlessly carved away West's district, as they add three new Congressional districts to the state this year.
The unspoken word is that it was quite intentional, to get rid of the 'boat-rocker'.
Maybe it's an appropriate time to play the race card, and file suit.
(Even though the elites aren't even thinking about race, taking away West's district.)