Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Isn't Fair

Before you follow the link, let me acknowledge that the criticism isn't fair. Much of it is media hype. Much of it is bad timing. Some of it is erroneous reporting. But let's also note that a lot of it is simply an aloof disregard for the impression an act will create:

Five "Let Them Eat Cake" Moments

A President has incredible responsibility. He deserves time off with his family. He must have security and communications support. Any movement of the chief executive is going to incur costs.

But there are also impressions which will be created. When the economy is booming, the world is stable, America is riding the crest of a wave, then it is hardly noticeable when the President spends a week at his ranch chopping wood, riding his horse or having dinner with some friends and supporters.

When the economy is in shambles, when people are out of work, when threats to world peace and the existence of allies are immediate, then a bit of judgment might be appropriate.

Should a First Family be dressing up in fantasy costumes with a hundred Hollywood high rollers as the jobless rate plumbs new depths?

Should the First Lady be commandeering entire floors of five star luxury hotels on the Spanish coast simply because she can?

Is it reasonable for a chief executive of a democratic republic to take a Boeing 747 to Chicago or New York for a dinner date?

Was it really too tough for Michelle and the girls to wait four hours before departing for Martha's Vineyard?

It isn't fair to pick on them, but it is fair to look for a bit of awareness of what their behavior looks like to the rest of the nation. This sort of behavior did not fare well for Marie Antoinette nor the Romanovs.


Murphy's Law said...

Let's not forget that America had the President's need for rest and relaxation in mind years ago when we created and staffed Camp David, just a short motorcade or helicopter flight from the White House. It's private, secure and equipped with all of the gear that the President needs to stay in touch and do his job. It's also pretty plush, and since Obama took over, it's gone virtually unused in lieu of these massively expensive trips on your dime and mine.
I'm thinking Congress needs to pass a new aw that says that presidents and their families don't go on more than one vacation per year to other places unless they pay the actual costs out of their own pocket.

immagikman said...

I know the Washington Times is the Conservative Counterpart to the Washington Post (being from the area and all) but the excuses the writer made for the Obamas were pretty lame
For example...that posh little place they stayed at in Hawaii was an unnecessary expense, the President and Family COULD have stayed a mile or two up the coast at the Presidential grounds at NO additional extra cost to the tax payer... As with Camp David...they eschew existing facilities to suit their own vanities. By the way if they aren't going to use Camp David give it back to marylanders we like to hike up there.