Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Iowahawk Has a Challenger

If you don't bother with my Regular Stops list, that's probably normal. Blogs come and go based on my whims and whether or not they stay active and relevant. I don't waste space when a blog goes dormant. And hopefully I don't waste your time either.

Last week I added a new listing. "Stroud is All Over The Place" which is reminiscent of the once-great "Fred on Everything" but with a bit less political slant. Based in Europe, but with a heavy background of years living in Asia, and a full career in the USAF you are liable to find comments on wines (at the affordable end of the spectrum), food (at the enjoyable end of the menu), cooking (at the tasty portion of the table), and the occasional tidbit of exceptional writing. This one isn't Brigid-style tear-evoking picturesque prose poetry, but strictly tongue in cheek Iowahawk stuff.

It's worth two minutes to read. Warning, swallow your coffee before starting or place apron over keyboard:

Fetid Wind in Scotland

This is going to only get better.

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