Wednesday, January 04, 2012

When Seconds Count

Get the picture here. This young woman is just eighteen years old. She's got a newborn baby. Her husband has just died of cancer a day or two after Christmas. It is New Year's Eve and two men are trying to break down her door. What does she do?

Call 9-1-1 And Ask...

She does what you are supposed to do. She calls the police. She tells the emergency dispatcher the dire situation. She is on the phone with them for twenty-one minutes!!!!!

But, this is in Oklahoma and this young lady has a 12 gauge shotgun and these two goblins have just arrived at a gun fight armed with a knife.

The real question is why does it take twenty-one minutes to get a police response?

UPDATE: The prosecutors have labeled it a justified killing. Furthermore, they have the second goblin in custody, who befittingly fled the scene when the anticipated victim shot back. Like Texas, the law in Oklahoma specifies that if a killing is a result of your participation of another felony such as a burglary or home invasion, you can be charged with murder! Scum-bag is going to court.


immagikman said...

The answer of course is:
They Have to wait in line to pay for their coffee and doughnuts......or you could read Victor Davis Hanson's recent commentary on whats happening in the way of law enforcement in California....Im betting other States are de-prioritizing non-income generating crime response...It's more important to have them out collecting cash for the State via Ticketing and not apprehending criminals that will cost the State money to house and feed....or I could just be a cynic :)

The Donald said...

I don't necessarily agree with the question - can't say why the response time was what it was - but the outcome proves the point that, ultimately, we do not rely on the government to keep us safe in our abodes - we have the responsibility and reserve the right to protect ourselves and others.

The Donald said...

I give the young lady bonus 'style points' for using a SxS.

Sure, it could be a Stoeger or a recent Turkish import, but my fanciful imagination likes to think that she dispatched the hooligan with Gramp's (or, given her age, Great-Gramp's) Elsie, Fox, or Parker...

Anonymous said...

I think criticizing the police on New Years Eve for a slow response time is in poor taste.

Gals the scalawags got what they deserved.


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Shotguns employed for a good, defensive purpose seem to be in the news a lot, these days.

A 14-year-old North Carolina boy blew away a home invader with both barrels - while his 17-year-old sister made the 911 call from a closet. The rest of the thugs fled immediately.

Story here:

Anonymous said...

In spite of popular thought and Mad Ave hype, the police are not there to protect and defend you and yours. It is impossible, in spite of their best efforts. The laws of physics prevent them from doing so except perhaps in the most unusual life threatening situations. That it takes units 5 minutes of 20 minutes to respond to this kind of call is really irrelevant. The need is immediate and must be dealt with one way or another.

To borrow the phrase: "I carry a 9 mm Sig 256 with an extended clip because a cop is just too heavy."

immagikman said...

Neal I agree with the comments about the cops..they are not there to protect YOU, they are there to clean up afterward and protect the next would be victim. I disagree with the P256 in 9mm though P220 in .45 all the way unless my 870 12 gauge is least for home defense.
the P256 is a nice carry piece though :D I love all things Sig.