Saturday, April 17, 2010

Supersonic Sans Airplane

A few days ago I commented on the Red Bull Extreme promotion in which a man would sky-dive from over 100,000 feet and achieve supersonic flight in free-fall:

Revisonist History

Last night I mentioned it to Joe Kittinger, teasing him a bit about how the new generation had missed his achievement. It turns out that Joe is actually a technical advisor to the Red Bull team on this.

So, Red Bull isn't unaware of Joe's remarkable achievement. And, Joe is still involved in truly remarkable things.

Every time I have a chance to gather with the Red River Valley Fighter Pilot's Association--River Rats, I marvel at how lucky am to know folks like these.

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LauraB said...

Having just cracked open When Thunder Rolled (got the trifecta - why not?), I can only smile with the thought of that room full of...mad men.

It's humbling, you know. Terribly humbling to even write here...thank you.