Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"It's Not About Politics..."

Of course it is about politics. Everything they do is driven not by efficacy but by perception. It is all about shaping the message to pacify the Morlocks. Spin, spin, spin.

Regular readers might have noted yesterday a posting on Shirley Sherrod, the USDA executive who spoke at the NAACP convention last week. The video had surfaced of her describing what apparently was racially motivated discrimination against a white farmer who had sought her service. She got fired yesterday in immediate response to the outrage.

But, by the evening news the rest of the story began to emerge. The full video of the speech was reviewed and the inflammatory excerpt turned out to be the prelude to a true story of overcoming the prejudical attitude and doing what was right. Rather than a villain, Ms Sherrod turned out to be an angel. The farmer came forward to offer his testimony of the help that Ms Sherrod's agency had been able to offer. His farm was saved and he became a close friend of Shirley's.

It wasn't about what was right, however, when it came time for the administration to act. Their knee-jerk reaction was immediate cell-phone calls to Ms Sherrod and demands that she pull over to the side of the road and Blackberry text her resignation in immediately. They weren't to be confused with the facts. They were going to act. No racism tolerable by the racists in this White House!

I pulled that posting yesterday after the news.

Today, we've got the rest of the story:

Reconsidering the Decision

We will have to wait and see whether they can figure out a way to recant and admit their impetuous action was wrong. How will they be able to spin this to avoid looking stupid, come out as good guys and still retain the image of competence?

Robert Gibbs should have a field day weasel-wording this at the daily press briefing.


CLLucas said...

-I'm following the same too. Fine example in how 'context' shapes the perceptions--an example how propaganda was use to bit them in the butt at their own game (developing). However--question. Piddle packs or urine tube in the Thud? Any chance there are any Thud drivers in Shreveport you could put me in touch with?


Ed Rasimus said...

F-105 had a design deficiency. On the right side of the ejection seat back rest there was a bracket with a TWO quart thermos. It had a tube attached and a push-button shut-off valve at the end. The valve fit in a clamp on the right canopy rail. Crew chiefs filled it with ice water for missions. (The tell me it was hot soup for ocean crossing flights, but I never did that.)

On the left console, just behind your elbow there was a ONE quart relief bottle. It had a funnel top and a spring-loaded closure flapper. No piddle packs or relief tubes.

As for F-105 guys in Shreveport, can't help you. You might try to email the guy who runs Xavier Thoughts (bottom of the regular stops blog list). He lives in Shreveport.

Six said...

I saw gibby spinning away this afternoon. It would have been hysterical if it hadn't been so sadly typical.

Justthisguy said...

Hey! I fancy m'self as a bit of a Morlock! I can actually make things which work, and all!

It's the Goddam Eloi whom I can't stand, with all of their silliness. I would describe our Political Class as being just about all Eloi.

Proud Son of Martha, here.