Friday, July 23, 2010

Tax the Rich; Feed the Rulers

What a day! The Founders had a vision of a government of public service, legislated by individual citizens chosen by their peers to essentially donate a short period of their lives to government then returning to their homes, farms and businesses. There is no evidence that they could have conceived of thirty, forty and even fifty year tenures in the legislature. And, they never envisioned that a legislative life would lead to great wealth. It was never supposed to be that attractive.

Today, however, we see considerable evidence that their vision has been shattered. Not only do we have lifetime sinecure, we also have incredible wealth in the ruling class. Along the way they have abandoned respect for business, free-enterprise, private property and the honest obligations of citizens. They understand that their tenure is guaranteed by fomenting class warfare. There are many more people receiving government distributions than contributing great amounts to the public coffers. If you wish to be re-elected, you impose taxes without concern of impact upon the most successful few and send money to your supporters and the massed electorate.

You do so confident that you, the legislator, will easily be able to evade the tax yourself:

Hypocrisy Sets Sail From Newport Not Nantucket

You would think that the senior senator from MA would be eager to support the distributionist policies of his own state. It is his philosphy of governance. Doesn't he believe in it?

Of course, the argument can be made that Kerry's action is no different than what any good citizen of MA could do. They all should flee the state and seek shelter in other communities. That would be fair.

There are other career legislators in the news this morning. The once powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has finally run out of delays. He has been under ethics violation suspicions and investigations for a couple of years now. Admittedly, the idea of "ethics violations" in the Congress is a bit of an oxymoron. Now, Charlie is going to trial:

Rangel Runs Out of Time

What that seems to indicate is that Rangel is so corrupt that even with a significant Democratic majority in the House and even in an election year, the stench has reached such a level that they must act.

And the performance will take us right to election eve. Life is becoming good!


immagikman said...

Wrangle is a side show, a peg for the party to hang their hats on "See we go after the corrupt no matter what party they are in" Charlie is their sacrificial lamb, he has had a great run and will have a lovely comfortable life for as long as he lives...and who pays for the side show? and every other tax payer. I am so sick of this city of fools pretending to be qualified to lead our country. The founders would lynch them all I think.

immagikman said...

Ha! And John effin Kerry docks his new Yacht in Rhode Island to avoid his taxes in Mass.

Anonymous said...

Ed,you didn't watch the Victoria's Secret add did you? Thanks for the lead.

John Schroy said...

The Super-Rich really don't mind the income tax that much; that's the reason why so many of the really wealthy -- the upper 1% of the US population -- often join the Democratic Party.

They say, you can have a little of my milk, just as long as you don't touch my cow.

On the other hand, the Obama taxes hit not so much the Super-rich, as they claim, but rather small business people that create the most jobs.

For a longer explanation, see the article Why are the Super-rich often liberals?