Friday, July 30, 2010

Money Covers Lots of Homely

Offered without further comment:

Coming this week-end


Me said...

My advice to the Groom-to-be:

"Start drinking early, kid."

That girl's face would scare flaking paint off a rusty pipe.

bongobear said...

Three million dollars for a wedding. I wonder how many homeless people that money could have fed.

Ed Rasimus said...

Bad, bongobear, bad! If someone has the money, it is their money. Spend as they would, even if you don't approve. It is not someone else's business to redistribute it to the homeless. Now, if you want to clean up some homeless to bus tables, tend bar, and sweep up afterward, that would be a good thing to build their self-esteem and independence while giving them some work skills.