Friday, January 27, 2012

Maybe the Rest of the Story?

Unless you've been sleeping the last two days, you are probably aware of the "meeting" on the tarmac between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the President as he made a campaign stop in what he hopes to be a pivotal state in his re-election.

The trigger of the conversation apparently was the portrayal of a meeting between the governor and the Messiah in her book which didn't go well, unless of course you are into monarch and subject sort of protocols. One dare not challenge the Bamster.

So, the story goes, he hit the pavement and got immediately in Gov. Brewer's face as she attempted to fulfill a politically required courtesy of welcoming the President to her state. She didn't take it for very long and the photo of the finger in the face has become iconic.

Here is a summary which may offer details of the encounter, the most important of which is the mysterious letter which she handed the President before he turned and departed in a presidential snit:

Working Together to Build a Better America

The facade of courtesy is what marks diplomacy, breeding, and civilization. The pomposity which takes affront at any challenge to one's position speaks volumes regarding maturity and self-image.

Does that news item tell the rest of the story? We can't really know. But it seems to fill a few more blanks into the scenario.


juvat said...

Speaking of Drivel....

bongobear said...

No one wants to read the drivel you write Leadfoot.

immagikman said...

Drivel? Excuse me, but EVEN the President of the USA needs to show some restraint and not jump on someone who is following a Courtesy driven greeting. You wait to get off the tarmac and to an office somewhere to discuss your grievances. Obama has neither class nor culture, he displays all the attitudes of despot and ruler, not Elected official. For gods sake he bowed to every tinpot dictator in the third world, the least he could do is to be civil to someone who holds the position of Governor...equivalent to President of the State.

Murphy's Law said...

Hey Ed, I was just going to warn you that it's been reported that Eric Holder is going around the net, posting to various blogs under the name "Leadfoot."

Oops. Never mind.