Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Has Some Laws

Here is a great summary and discussion of Colorado's gun law situation. Notice that the legislation is largely post-Columbine so it demonstrates the reaction to that tragedy.

Laws In Place Didn't Stop It--Why Should Another Layer Be Different?

I recall very well the 1992 election in Colorado Springs when John Wesley Anderson was elected sheriff. He had promised a county policy of "shall issue" concealed carry permits. He followed through and more than 6000 Colorado Springs citizens got permits in the first 90 days. No bloodbath followed. Nobody even noticed except for an occasional moaning hoplophobe in the corner.

We're seeing the politics play out again. The usual suspects come out and start bleating their inaccuracies and screaming about "we've got to save the children..."

Bloomberg Seeks Police Strike

Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: It wasn't cops that died. No cops were around to protect the sheep. The theater was one of your recommended gun-free zones. But, most importantly, a lot of cops around the nation strongly support gun ownership and citizen involvement. 

Obama Vilifies Dem AK-47s

Apparently the Bamster hasn't been briefed that no AK-47s were involved in the Aurora shootings. He also doesn't seem to be up to speed on muzzle velocity, range, energy and ballistic performance of modern ammunition. But that doesn't make much difference because as Rahm Emanuel so eloquently reminded us, "never let a crisis go to waste."

Would somebody buy Bloomberg, Bamster and Big Boss a subscription to Guns & Ammo so that they can be slightly less clueless with regard to firearms?


bongobear said...

To quote Colonel David Hackworth, "you're pissin' in the wind" when you try to explain the concept of gun owners' rights to the libs in this country.

bongobear said...

An addendum: There are people like Bloomberg all over the world who, for some reason, derive pleasure from screwing with other people's lives. I can't understand why but we all know it's true. They don't seem to need a logical reason for interfering. These people have always been among us and they always will be.

FlyingBarrister said...

A commentary worth reading and passing along. It's from Detroit of all places.

JWMcDonald said...

re Bloomberg and his call for the police to go on strike - then it would be more imperative than ever that the law-abiding population be armed.

The Donald said...

Agree with JMac - Let the police go on strike - I already know who'll protect me and my family - ME!