Sunday, July 01, 2012

What The Free Lunch Costs

Remember the tax cuts for 95% of Americans? Forget that 50% of Americans already don't pay federal income tax and a third of those don't pay payroll taxes either. This is about the heart of the middle class, those folks down there in mid-level suburbia with two cars, three bedrooms and 2.23 children per household:

Obamacare is Really Going to Cost You

And no less an authority than the Supreme Court of the United States told you this was a TAX.

The spin continues. You see it is all about that "fair share" business. Forty percent of the federal tax burden on one percent of the people isn't nearly enough yet:

Democrats Urged to Go On Offense

Don'cha jus' LUV de Emperor's new rags?

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immagikman said...

Hey if he cant get enough cash here, he has people going overseas for contributions.