Monday, July 16, 2012

Uniform Rule

NEVER allow anyone to wear a beret without a minimum of two weeks of intensive instruction. NEVER!


juvat said...

Ed, I think the first 7 words of your post are sufficient. No qualifiers needed.

Ed Rasimus said...

Actually I was quite the military figure in the black beret of the Tactical Air Control Party when working as ALO of 2d BDE, 4 ID(Mech) at Ft. Carson.

Of course we had a lot of training of new guys into shaping, wearing, "aging" the headgear. This was in the days before the Army went all Chinese on us.

Anonymous said...

I don't often disagree with you, Ed, but I'm with Juvat. The beret has to be the stupidest piece of headgear ever invented. It doesn't provide decent sun protection for any portion of the head that isn't already covered by hair (for those of the correct age, anyway). It doesn't provide ANY rain protection. It actually BLOCKS vision when worn the way that the Army prefers.

It isn't emblematic of our country like either a brimmed cover (ball-cap type) or, say, a Stetson is. Gotta be the most useless bit of the uniform ever, EVER issued.

Friends don't let friends wear berets.