Sunday, July 08, 2012

Just One Little Correction

I'm not going to go into a critique of the May-December marriage. No, that's their business. They make their choices and live their lives the way they think is best. I will admit that I didn't send a card or check their bridal registry.

Frank Weds In Massachusetts

The images that the news item brought to mind should be erased as quickly as possible. The only thing that really sticks out (no pun intended) was this very honest journalistic correction:
(This story corrected the 8th paragraph to delete reference to Elizabeth Warren)
I wonder why she didn't want it noted that she was in attendance? Do you suppose it's a tribal thing?

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Murphy's Law said...

Looks like Fauxcahantas is working very hard to erase her visible ties to her far-left friends. Makes me wonder if she's not still touting herself as one of the founders of the Occupy movement, and if not, perhaps we should keep reminding the voters.