Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ultimate Disclosure

Remember when you started in construction? Remember learning the trade and then finding out about what the other guys on the job did? Remember deciding you could succeed on your own? Remember building a team of guys you had worked with and that were dependable? Remember scraping together those first bucks for a spec house that you sold for a profit that allowed you to build another one?

That was thirty years of hard work and effort ago. Now you've got an established home-building company. You employ sixty-five tradesmen and you build and sell about fifty homes a year. You're successful.

But guess what? You didn't build that? It wasn't your effort, sacrifice, hard work, and dream. It was government that let you do it.

The Bamster has said a lot of stupid things in the last four years, but this one is the clear winner.

Nothing more clearly demonstrates his view that everything in society is owned by the collective. Anything which you think is yours is only temporary and only through the grace of his benevolence.

Sorry, folks, but that is bullshit.


Old NFO said...

That it is, but WHAT is it going to take to wake up John Q. Public to the reality he wants to impose on the USA???

Robman said...

This comment by NCHO (Neville Carter Hussein Obama) brings into the shapest possible relief that this guy has never worked an honest day in his whole sorry life. This reflects PRECISELY the whining, cynical, lazy-butt mentality of most hard lefties and other assorted cretins. He simply doesn't understand the meaning of real work, as in doing something objectively useful for requisite tangible rewards/satisfaction. It is truly pathetic.

I am confident he'll be defeated in four months. My biggest worry is what he'll do when his ego and sycophants get out of the way, and he figures out for himself that he isn't getting another term. That is when he's really going to be dangerous.

The Freeholder said...

I disagree. It isn't bullshit; I don't think it rises to that level. Smells more like chickenshit to me.

Judging from the number of recaptioned photos floating around the likes of Facebook and other places on the Intertubz, I'm hoping that The Big O is having one of those Saul Alinsky moments. You know, the one that has to do with ridicule....