Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Not The Only One

Apparently some of the disappointments I encounter are not restricted to small Texoma local colleges. They are common enough to be spot-lighted in the Wall Street Journal.

The Language of the Less Educated in Higher Education

I've experienced quite a few of those.


nealcroz said...

I had to do battle with the folks in Academic Affairs at the university that employed me as an adjunct professor. I carefully explained to my students at the beginning of each term that careful punctuation and proper spelling were essential factors in achieving academic success. In one of my classes, at mid-term, I handed out mostly D's. At that point in the course, my students had provided me with 3 "research" papers (another long story about those). I explained to the VP for Academic Affairs that I found it rather deplorable that the recipients of D's were too lazy to use "spell check" before turning in their "original thought."

Egbdf said...

When my dear wife was employed as an adjunct professor teaching Freshman Comp, she kept me entertained with a pretty steady stream of similarly entertaining nonsense....This was not a situation isolated to a minority of her students; it was typical.

Mike B.