Thursday, July 19, 2012


For the benefit of Rip Van Winkle, who just awakened, all others may skip and go to text:

There are so many questions I'd like to ask him and then, without benefit of teleprompter, watch him stumble, grapple, sneeze and obfuscate. The whole premise of his populist class-envy statement is ludicrous.

If we accept that you didn't build your business on your own because you live in a great society (small letter), had a better idea, worked harder or were a bit smarter, then we must conclude that anybody who isn't successful in America is a lazy wart on the butt of society. Why are successful people successful? Would he say that it is because HE, the government determines who should succeed and rewards their loyalty with vast stimulus checks of redistributive wealth? Solyndra, Fisker, et. al.?

Or if we look at that network of roads, bridges and transportation arteries should we conclude they are one-way? Do they exist simply to aid the entrepreneur? Isn't there a consumer seeking goods and services at the other end? Doesn't that lead to the conclusion that we build society for the benefit of all who choose to be members, not a select few which government largess allows to succeed.

And the gratuitous mention of DARPA's first generation high-level think-tank computer network which provided the genetic DNA of the Internet absolutely defies credibility.

Without Bill Gates and MS-DOS would much have happened? Investors building a network of routers and servers to distribute information played a free-enterprise part. Steve Jobs introducing a graphical user interface that took the mystery out of arcane C:\.. commands. Programmers that built increasingly feature loaded word processors, spreadsheets, databases and then apps to put them at Joe Bagadonutz fingertips all to create a new business model that allowed profitability while still keeping user costs low to non-existent.

That's called smart, hard-working, entrepreneurship and business in a free-enterprise society. It's something the privileged, affirmative-action, amoral, hypocritical mud-rakers like you, Mr. President, don't understand and never will.


FlyingBarrister said...

This is another flub by Barry Soetero that is based on what someone else said and picked up by his speechwriters.

First, it was the nonsense op-ed the guy wrote about the slow rate of growth in federal spending, which conveniently ignored the explosion in the first year and was easily impeachable.

This time, they copycatted the indian princess in Taxachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. It's in this video:

FlyingBarrister said...

What the liberals don't want to do is have their silly socialist points more closely examined and hard questions presented.

If what the govt provides is so important, then why aren't all the other students in your fifth grade class equally successful?

If no one has exclusive use of roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, courthouses, libraries, schools, etc., and even those that pay no taxes can use them, why isn't everyone equally successful?

We already know the answer, and that is that personal effort matters a hell of a lot more than the existence of public goods.

A lot of students are in the exact same class in public school, but only a few will put forth the greatest effort and be top notch students. It's like that in school, in college, and in the workplace. People have a lot of freedom of choice in this society, and many choose not to put forth the herculean effort to swing for the fences every time. A few do. Many of those that do put forth such effort still fail, but no one is there to provide a backstop with a federal social program.

Liberals have a very skewed world view and they pick and choose from reality what they believe. One can explain it to them, but he cannot understand it for them.

FlyingBarrister said...

Warren liked that Soetero used her thoughts and is backing him up.

She conveniently ignored that businesses were built in America before there were states and governments, extensive infrastructure and even compulsory public schools. She also ignores that that business pay taxes too, and its not everyone else that paid for America's public goods. Furthermore, due to the liberals' success in foisting a "progressive" tax system on us, businesses and high earning individuals pay more taxes than anyone else. Many people having equal access and use of public goods pay no taxes, and even get rebates through credits.

The Donald said...

Algore's gotta be pissed to find out he didn't invent the Internets.

Snakeeater said...

Aside from his stupid comments, he's the president of the United States of America. Where's the jacket and tie?

We know he's not particularly bright, but fer Chrissake at least dress like the leader of the free world.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

I think it is pretty clear now that the Bamster never had an original thought in his life; he knows only what his Marxist instructors pounded into his head.

Elizabeth Warren is a different brand of liberal soup. While I disagree with her politics, she had some valid points in her speech from a year ago (which Obama got wrong in his replay).

In my state, the (County) Technical Community Colleges were created solely to entice businesses to the area. They hand-tailored courses to strictly accommodate industry's training needs - and to deliver at least ten fully-trained workers for every job available in that industry. (Thus saving the industry all on-the-job-training costs.) The state made a profit on the tuition fees, as well - not to mention taxes on the new business and its workers.

Once upon a time, most American industries trained their plant managers by starting them off sweeping the floor as a teenager.
Across the years, they learned things that were never taught in schools of any type.

It is a different world today - and NOT all blame for the "grab-all-the-profit-you-can (quick, before its all gone)" attitude can be lain at the feet of hard-working entrepreneurs/business owners.