Monday, July 16, 2012

Laws Not Needed

Someone gets a great idea for a law. It's loaded with emotional appeal. It might even allow employment of my favorite advertising kicker, "We've got to do it for the children!" You know the tearful entreaties about, "if we save just one life, it will be worth it."

How did Prohibition work out? Well, that might have been an aberration. War on Drugs anyone? OK, bad example. Well, maybe campaign finance reform as something less emotional. Didn't work either? Well, then surely the assault weapons ban drove a stake in the heart of all those evil black guns with funny barrels and sights and collapsible stocks. Ooops, more of them than ever in more calibers by more manufacturers with more accessories now available.

OK, at least we can save those force-fed French geese can't we? Who wouldn't get behind a foie gras ban if we could save just one fat, feathered friend from flopping around over-stuffed with corn?

Presidio Social Club Foie Gras Feast

It seems that the good intentions of the San Francisco elite run a bit counter to their actual eating habits. I particularly like the "free" for selected customers gambit. "Psst, Joe sent me and said you had sumpin' special.  Here's a twenty for your trouble."

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