Sunday, July 15, 2012

How Did You Register In The First Place?

It is a fundamental that it is almost impossible to prove a negative. The burden on the state, although only the nine states subject to the DOJ oversight of the Voting Rights Act, is to prove that the voter ID requirements are NOT established to discriminate against a class of people.

Listen to this discussion and honestly ask if the arguments make sense:

But, maybe the real question when you listen to the whining about poor people simply not having the time to get a photo ID during the months between elections is:

How did you register to vote in the first place?


hitman said...

I think that everyone that reads your blog on a regular basis KNOWS that the reasons the liberals give on this issue are BS. We know what it's REALLY about. But we know how they and the lamestream media are. If they spout this drivel long and often enough, the Sheople will buy it.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

This morning, (tues, 17th) I voted in a republican primary run-off of four state-level offices. The elections toad refused to look at my driver's license or voter registration card, demanding that I state my name and address; nothing else.

I complained loudly (that government-provided PROOF of who I am, was profoundly better than any unverified verbal claim) and the entire crew (of appointed democrat) election officials pounced.

Finally, the crew boss told me to complain to my elected representative. (Which I have done numerous times . . . in person.)

I sure hope Texas wins the case; it would open up a lot more states to using verifiable identification of potential voters.