Monday, August 20, 2012

Beast Bites Bamster Again

It seems to be a trend for the Daily Beast to be taking well aimed shots at the Bamster. This is more than a shot. It is fire-for-effect barrage and offers great detail regarding the failures of the administration which arguably has done more damage to the nation than any since the Civil War.

Will Anybody Notice The Elephant In The Room 

The frightening thing however is that so many folks really aren't involved with facts or details. They are simply emotional voters and their emotions are about envy and greed and sloth. But, I've said all that before.

Need proof? Here's a letter to the editor from this morning's Dallas Fishwrapper:
Save yourselves from mud
Here’s a great idea to reduce your electric bill: Unplug your TV for the next 85 days or so. You will only miss hours of political bantering and accusations, plus millions of commercials. But remember to vote in November.
Barbara Wiskow, Dallas/Park Cities
Isn't that remarkable. Start by isolating yourself from the debate. Don't get encumbered by any data. Don't read or view and certainly don't seek facts. Then remember to vote!


bongobear said...

Did you read any of the comments addressed to the article? Amazing how some readers view the position this country is in and their opinions as to how it all came to be.

juvat said...

Wanna bet she's a Democrat?

Chris Manno said...

Unplugging the TV might induce that very frightening, old-timey ritual called "reading." Yikers.