Thursday, August 02, 2012

Running Amok

This would be funny if he weren't the Senate Majority Leader speaking in the legislature:

"The Word Is Out..." Harry Reid is a known pedophile, secretly eats lunch at Chik-fil-A, once hid in the pit under the women's out house in a campground, and takes money for laundering from drug cartels in Monrovia. Let him prove otherwise.

But, wait a second, isn't there an executive branch agency called the IRS which is supposed to handle these returns, audit them if necessary, and apply the law as written to these issues?

And if those "secret" accounts in the Caimans are so secret, how do we know about them? And where do we have legislation which makes establishing an account for your own money in a bank somewhere illegal? Is this innuendo?

Does Romney make more money than Joe Bagadonutz? Yes. Is that unique? No. Does Harrry play the class warfare card poorly? Yes.

When did you stop beating your wife, Harry? The word is out on you and we want proof.


Murphy's Law said...

So what Harry is saying is that Romney is now qualified to be Secretary of the Treasury under Obama?

FlyingBarrister said...

What should bother people is how a guy like Reid works on a relatively modest govt salary for so long (more modest in the past than now and particularly when you have to maintain a household in the district and another in DC) and becomes wealthy. When you have little real estate expertise, why do so many want you in their real estate deals back in Nevada? Because the power of the office and ability to bring home the bacon help get zoning, transportation access, utility approval and other entitlements?

Reid has made a corrupt fortune off the power and prestige of his office and a lot of stupid people are upset when someone like Romney makes a fortune in an earnest and straightforward manner when making money is the stated objective.

immagikman said...

What? Isn't that how "Guilty until proven innocent" works? Isn't that what our legal system is based one???

DirtCrashr said...

What's up with all the talk about Obama's Secret Nigerian Oil Minister and his accounts in Macau?