Thursday, August 23, 2012

Story Music

As the Rangers continue on for a full season in number one in their American League division and the rest of the baseball monopoly cracks with new performance enhancing drug convictions, I find little on TV to watch.

That brings Netflix into the mix. It really is neat to have a TV that wirelessly connects to my network and streams the service without a burp. Last week it was season one of "Hell on Wheels" which is a contemporaneous premium channel series to compare to Deadwood but with milder language. Will probably forego the broadcast episodes of season two this year and wait for the whole series streaming release next year.

Now it is a couple of episodes per night of The Tudors. At times it gets a bit boring, what with the continuous moaning and groaning, thrusting and lusting of the court, but the political intrigues are fascinating and the good news is you can always fast-forward into the next episode.

It got me to wondering when did Henry start shortening his wives? And that led me to recall this old favorite from my high school years:

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The Donald said...

Wow - I thought I was pretty conversant with the Trio's catalog - but had never heard that one.

I'm partial to a live recording of theirs from a 3-week engagement at the Sahara Tahoe in '66 or '67. My Dad doesn't consider it "authentic", though, as it's the second lineup, with John Stewart, and not the version with Dave Guard that he'd seen @ Kansas State U in '58 or '59.

Details, details. But I suppose I feel the same about Fleetwood Mac from my teen/college years. The version including Buckingham/Nicks/McVie (plus the named partners) is really the only one that counts. No offense to Messrs. Green/Spencer/Kirwan/Welch.