Sunday, August 05, 2012

Spontaneous Trumps Planning

The outrage bloomed overnight. A corporate CEO dared to express his own opinion without linking it to company policy or practices. Such an exercise of First Amendment freedom could not be tolerated if it implied politically incorrect moral and religious beliefs. The outrage came.

That afternoon former Governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee suggested on his radio talk show that a Chik-Fil-A support effort might be nice to do. The next day across the nation the parking lots, drive-thrus, and dining rooms of Chik-Fil-A were crammed. Hundreds of black and white cows with poor spelling and a penchant for graffiti were overjoyed.

With that sort of challenge it was necessary to strike back. So, the GLBT crowd got activated. Organize! Spread the word! Dust off your sequins, boas and g-strings. Hit the Wal-Mart for some Chap-Stick.

What If They Gave a Kiss-In and Nobody Smooched?

Maybe they over-planned? Or maybe they are outnumbered?

Who knows. But there is a lesson to learn here about heartland America.


Old NFO said...

Concur with all, and at least in NOVA area, the 'largest' protest group was said to be maybe a dozen. When you compare that to the HUNDREDS who supported CFA, that should be a clue!

immagikman said...

Once again we are reminded that the tiny minority is forcing the great majority to bow to it's will....or trying to.