Friday, August 31, 2012

Media Bias?

Watching the wrap-up of the RNC last night. Some interesting folks offering insights and, of course, the top event of the whole kaboodle with the candidate's acceptance speech.

Over the whole event I got the impression that the DNC is going to have an uphill climb. Some things I noticed:

  1. Concern and compassion as the planners sacrificed an entire day to insure safety and allow for preparation in case Isaac became a danger to the Florida west coast as well as the rest of the possible impact points. Isaac never became a major hurricane, but did pack an incredible amount of rain. The RNC shared the headlines without a gripe. 
  2. The understated podium was a masterstroke! Unlike the massive pedestal atop Mt. Olympus which we usually see, this was a simple and tasteful wooden dias much like you might encounter in a small church, a college classroom or a corporate briefing room. 
  3. The message stayed positive. Speakers addressed the solutions rather than dwell on who was to blame for the problems. There certainly were a few jabs at the incumbent but they were more like locker-room kidding than serious character attacks. The Dems will flounder at that sort of perspective. 
  4. The understated but very obvious negation of the meme that the Republican Party is anti-women (notice female Republican governors?), anti-Latino (notice all the heavy-hitters both male and female with Hispanic surnames?), and anti-Black (real Black leaders making appearances of substance rather than race-baiting.)
  5. Clint Eastwood is too old for stand-up. 
Then, on a whim, during a speech by a former Bain Capital official addressing the job creation, business successes and developments in a free market, I switched from Fox to MSNBC. Just wanted to see how they were covering the same event. 

I got Rachel Maddow in the left sidebar doing a voice-over of a collage of anti-Bain Obama political ads! Seriously! A live event with a real player speaking and they are doing hard-core Goebbels!


bongobear said...

Surely you were not surprised Ed?
From what I read about MSNBC the network is staffed by some bizarre characters.

MSgt B said...

The mainstream media has their own set of priorities, and it's become obvious to the point of ridiculousness.

Old NFO said...

I was going to ask, are you 'really' surprised? I'm not!

foxone12 said...

You actually watched Rachel Maddow? Strong man. Strong determination. My stomach is upset too easily.