Saturday, August 04, 2012

Whatcha Gonna Do?

What do you do when the tax base of a community leaves? What do you do when the administration fails to demand performance? What do you do when the NEA and AFT control the ability to manage incompetence and adjust your available funds to the current situation? What happens when a generation of children will fail because the existing system has failed them:

Why You Outsource To a Performance Model 

The concept of local school districts has been bedrock of America for centuries. But the unionization, politicization and corruption of America's schools in the last sixty years has necessitated drastic action.

Michigan City MI might be a model for the nation. It surely will be a battle ground for perpetuating the incompetence of a vested class of so-called "educators."

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FlyingBarrister said...

It's humorous that the teachers' union hack raises the accountability issue. As non-govt employees, private school teachers and contract teachers can be employed and discharged without concern for race and gender quotas, due process, civil service rules, and unions rules. In other words, teachers and administrators can be held accountable for performance much more easily than they can when they are govt school employees.