Wednesday, August 08, 2012

How Low Can You Go?

Apparently you can go as low as the electorate will allow. If you've ever been involved in a company that sometime later may have released an employee, and that employee had a spouse who then lost her coverage when leaving her job and then got diagnosed several years later, you are responsible and a very evil person.

But you've got to notice that even CNN won't buy that much of a leap. Maybe there is a good sign in that.

The real question remains though. How gullible is the electorate? When will they begin to tire of the class warfare one-trick pony who says nothing repeatedly with emphasis but without results?


juvat said...

This same tactic worked exceptionally well for young Davey Dewhurst last month. I'm thinking the electorate is tiring of it and with any luck at all will give little Barry an ass-kicking that will make Davey feel lucky.

Nov 6, 2012, ABFO!

The Donald said...

Unbelieveable! Even Democrats should be outraged to have their intelligence insulted by that ridiculous commercial.