Thursday, August 02, 2012

How Can You Miss the Message

This piece is a bit dated. The WSJ ran it in April when the Bamster had just launched his no-holds barred class warfare strategy. You know the one; it has morphed into "You didn't build that..."

The essence is if you have something you should share it. If you have nothing you should get the other guy's something. Economic equity is the catch-phrase. It used to be called communism, but that got a bit long in the tooth and frayed at the edges.

It's Not About Debt or Responsibility. It's About Fairness

Even with the mainstream media in lock-step ignorance mode, it is hard to miss the message. It is even harder to embrace it.

BTW, did you notice that with the final count completed that Ted Cruz took the TX Republican senate nomination by a margin of 14%! In American elections that is called an ass-whuppin!

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