Thursday, August 16, 2012

Foreign Policy

Recall when the last campaign follies came around. We had Sarah Palin trashed for lack of foreign policy experience. She could "see Russia" from her back porch, but really couldn't go into the nuances of realpolitik or global inter-dependencies.

Across the aisle we had a guy with no apparent firm history. One which wandered through Africa, Asia, Hawaii, the Ivy League, and the gritty back streets of south-side Chicago. He'd never held a job, he "organized communities" (which sounds like a redundancy) and he stayed clean by voting "present." He needed foreign policy cred so they brought in the long time Senator with a committee position and a glib tongue. That was the foreign policy guru to save the day, Joe Biden.

How'd that work out? Look at the remnants of four years of Obama/Biden policy. Listen to the most recent Biden intellectualism, "they wanna put ya'll back in chains!" Psst, hey aide, what state am I in?

The dark side is grappling with how to trash Paul Ryan. He's got a fourteen year congressional record. He's spoken articulately on the world stage about his budget, the national debt crisis, the future economic situation and ways to get there. He has worked across the aisle repeatedly. He may be too competent for America.

But what about his global credentials? Does he "get it"? Does he understand America's role in the Twenty-First Century? It looks as though he does.

Ryan's World View Looks Well Grounded

The question that really determines the fundamental answer remains. Is America's electorate rational?

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Joe Myers said...

The "one with no apparent firm history" brings to mind "Chauncey Gardiner" of the 1979 Peter Sellers film "Being There." Think we'll ever see any of that promised "growth in the spring?"