Sunday, August 12, 2012

Profile This...

If you are immersed in a culture that harbors, defends, supports, tolerates, nurtures and even glorifies crime then there is a good chance that when someone is trying to improve your situation despite your efforts to resist, they will be guilty of "profiling." Think about it. You're on a street corner at mid-night. There's a white guy with a briefcase and a dark gray suit walking down the street. His collar is open and his tie is loosened. And, there's a guy with a flat-brim baseball cap sideways on his head, a pair of oversized shorts hanging below his butt displaying an expanse of plaid blue boxer shorts that aren't the freshest, a "wife-beater" athletic shirt, an array of tatts, and a $200 pair of athletic shoes with the laces untied. He's black.

Who are you going to talk to, officer?

This is what the politically correct are doing in New Yawk City:

How To Take Back The Night For Crime

One of the most interesting aspects of that item is the fallacy of large numbers. Think about how many times you've seen a large number statistic and responded dutifully with the desired reaction. But, what if that large number is a very small percentage of the whole which is a humongous number? It is statistically insignificant.

I have no desire to ever set foot in New York City. Sorry, but that's the way it is. I've been to capitols of the world, eaten in the best restaurants, stayed in the finest hotels. I don't need NYC to be fulfilled. And I particularly don't need the elitists of NYC to look down their noses at me from their pedestals which they themselves have built.

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