Monday, August 27, 2012

The Good News

There is always a good side. So, I thought I'd note some of the good aspects of chemo:

  • I can slip on a polo, T-shirt or sweatshirt and not have to worry about finding a comb. 
  • No need for after-shave...or pre-shave...or even shave.
  • Huge reduction in liquor bill. 
  • Lose as much weight as Terry Bradshaw without spending on Nutri-system. 
  • Still don't look like Marie Osmond. 
  • Able to distinguish between simple gagging and full-blown retching. 
  • High blood pressure is nothing compared to really low. 
There are probably more, but those come to mind quickly. And one more really important lesson: 

My dog knows. He may not comprehend the details, but he knows. So, he changes from a rambunctious and frisky guy wanting to urge me out in the yard to kick the soccer ball into a quiet friend waiting nearby just in case I might want a friendly nose on the arm of my chair or maybe a soft furry back to rest a hand on. He knows. 


bongobear said...

It appears you are able to maintain a sense of humor through this experience...good for you.
Bless your dog for helping you through this.

John Venlet said...

Dogs do seem to know, Ed, for some reason.

juvat said...

As always, Ed, hang in there. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

immagikman said...

Ditto what Juvat said Ed, glad you have a dog and a wife to help you through this. Im pretty sure plenty of Monty Python is part of the prescription for getting through it.

Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers Ed.

FlyingBarrister said...

Hang in there!

Murphy's Law said...

Dogs always know...and when others shy away, they come closer. I think that dogs are God's way of making sure that there's always some love and comfort in our lives when we need it.

Keep fighting it, my friend.

BadgerMedic said...

Sir, I can speak from experience on this topic... and I did get my laugh of the day from you.

I spent a year with inpatient chemotherapy and felt much of what you describe.

My dog too could sense when I had my bad days and my good days. For a Uber-hyper Border Collie to chill on the couch with me all day is monumental to say the least.

Continued thoughts and prayers throughout your treatment.


The Freeholder said...

You keep fighting, we'll keep praying.

Six said...

With you in spirit Ed. Give the pooch a well done pat from me and Angus.

Brigid said...

If anyone can beat this, you are most definately the man.

You are in my family's prayers Ed. A finer example of how a good pilot lives a good life there has not been.