Thursday, August 16, 2012

If A, Then How B?

OK, state after state has been attempting to bring credibility to voting by simply asking that a prospective voter identify themselves with a state-issued photo ID. That takes care of things liking shopping mall booths with registration forms for any walk-up. It eliminates door-to-door and registration lists with the complete cast of Snow White and the Seven Senators. It asks that you provide exactly what you need to cash a check, ride an airline, open a bank account, or collect a welfare check.

Too tough to do claim the Dems. Disenfranchises minorities, poor, etc. Can't get that free card. Too tough.

If I accept that then what am I to make of this:

Hundreds of Thousands Across the Country Line Up

I'm sympathetic to plight of these young people. They are here. They are trying. They are established. They seek to be a part of it all.

We need to know who they are. We need to have them registered. We need to have them with driver's licenses, work visas, taxpayer identification, ability to participate in higher education and succeed. We need that without question.

But aren't these the same folks from the same demographic who are disenfranchised because it is too tough to get a photo ID? And aren't these the same folks who can't afford that ID who are ponying up $465 each for their two year deferred residence status?

The real caution of this program is that the deferred young folks, now with a driver's license and SSAN will be lining up as non-citizen voters. There is a very rough spot in this.


immagikman said...

I dont think the requirements for welfare are that strict, in some areas illegals are getting along quite nicely on welfare/food stamps so much so that the Government dropped their targeted Hispanic soap opera like advertising to the peoples of Miami and similar areas...they didnt need to advertise any more.

bongobear said...

That's what bothers me most...some of them will be voting illegaly.