Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well, duh, "you know..."

An interview in which nobody seems to get it. The principal character is too young to appreciate what is going on and the mother is illiterate. The interviewers are superficial and in a classic American "correctness" solution, the dumbo gets a reward:

Peewee football which espouses teaching kids who weigh 135 pounds or less, with minor exceptions, has a responsibility to protect the little folks. Introducing a 300 pound, six-footer is ludicrous and extremely dangerous. The typical sized kids don't really get to play against an adult sized, NFL scale humanoid with a fifth grade IQ. The big guy doesn't really get to hone his football skills or learn anything about the game because of the size disparity.

If you want to learn to play football, then you learn skills. You don't simply outweigh and over-scale. The mother is clueless and simply seeking her Warholian fifteen minutes of fame. If she sees the giant as potentially being a competent athlete, then she needs to figure out that he needs to be somewhere with competition, not where he benefits from unfair advantage.

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