Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

This morning at 9:45 the President held a brief press conference. It was a big enough item that the networks broke in to their routine programming to cover the five minute statement. It was significant, in my view, because of the naivete of the man in how he handled the statement.

Long Form Birth Certificate Released

He laughed. He smiled. He joked about the way the major issues of our time get apparent short shrift while this minor event gets major coverage. He actually said, "This has been around for quite a while...I think it came up some time during the campaign..."

He thinks? What cocoon does he live in?

He downplays it. He trivializes it. But in the process makes us think that if it is indeed so insignificant an event, why didn't he do this three years ago? How simple it would have been to simply say, "Here it is."

Yet, the carnival atmosphere is not simply limited to the White House. We've also got the most unpresidential presidential candidate since...well, since Barack Obama, announcing the great pride he takes in single-handedly forcing the event.

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