Monday, April 25, 2011

Cause & Effect Relationship

Do you think that government regulatory agencies can do more harm than good? How many people do you know who will rise to defend regulation as necessary to protect us from "Big X Corporation" who will reap "exorbitant profits" by "gouging" the citizens? Anybody in your neighborhood in favor of de-regulation?

Been Buying Gas Lately?

The EPA simply makes exploitation of our national energy resources too tough to do. It isn't like there was any pressing need is there?

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

No, it couldn't be the Bamster's fault. He's working night and day to achieve energy independence from foreign oil. Isn't he?

Might Local Government and Exorbitant Taxes Be at Work?

I think Chicago is fibbing on that. They just want to be Number One at something so badly that they will grasp even at the lead in gas prices. Cubs, White Sox and Bears let them down too often.

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The Donald said...

"...government regulatory agencies can do more harm than good..."

One might consider governmnet doing more harm than good to be the default setting.

If government were a physician, It'd be sued for malpractice.