Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who's Yo Mama?

Could you even make this sort of thing up if you tried?

Van Jones Fight For Mama Nachur

So, let me think about that for a while. Some problem areas crop up almost immediately.

First Amendment: Who does Ma want to assemble with? How do we let her petition for redress of grievances?

Third Amendment: You mean we can't quarter our troops here any more?

Fourth Amendment: Ooops, no more exploring or exploiting of Ma's resources. We had better stay out of her closet!

Fifth: Some real issues with eminent domain declarations. Good to know that she won't be compelled to testify.

Sixth Amendment: Where do we detain her pending that trial by a jury of her peers? How do we assemble the peers?

Seventh: We had better up the $20 ante for Yo Mama bringing civil suits before a jury. She's got bigger issues I'll bet.

Eighth Amendment: Really, when you are that big what sort of punishment could be rendered which wouldn't be cruel and unusual? Where do you find bail for the big girl?

Ninth Amendment: This really opens the door for a raft of those unspecified rights, doesn't it.

I wonder if Mr. Jones has thought this through? I wonder if he is sane enough to be out in society on his own? I wonder if they paid the PR firm for that cockamamie name for the movement? They should demand a refund.

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