Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Reason Why

I carry. I've had a CCW since the newly elected sheriff of El Paso County Colorado kept his campaign promise to make permits available. That was 1992. I've had a CHL in Texas since I moved here and my reciprocity privilege for my Colorado permit expired. I carry. To be perfectly honest, I often carried before then.

Here are some reasons why:

Baltimore Beatdown While Big Bruiser Videos

Dad Broke Up Fight Now Dead

Bikini Burger King Brawl

Some Pancakes With Your Beatdown?

Maybe IHOP is Safer

Could Tacos Be Toxic?

And those are just the ones we've seen in the last couple of weeks. From Florida to Massachusetts, San Francisco to New York and everywhere in between.

All of those places had phones. Most of the customers had cell phones. All are covered by 9-1-1, so that means you don't really need a gun. The police will be there to protect you before you suffer traumatic brain injury...won't they?

I carry. I think I will continue to carry.


bongobear said...

I never leave home without my Coilt Pocket Nine.

bongobear said...

I also carry my Colt Pocket Nine.

Six said...

Well said. I've talked about this before. In my agency we took pride in our response times, averaging just under 3 minutes. That is very, very good for anyone who doesn't know. Most larger agencies have longer, in many cases much longer, response times.
As someone who has fought hand to hand against a man both larger than I and armed and who was trying very hard to kill me, I can say, with absolutely no reservations.

3 minutes is a hell of a long time. More than adequate to find yourself the recipient of a fatal beating or multiple extraneous holes in your precious body.

drjim said...

I have several LEO friends, and they're the first to say "When seconds count, we're only minutes away".

LauraB said...

Six, that is so true - a lot of recruits are amazed that just holding off and beating back attackers for that long is exhausting. And that is with people who aren't really trying to kill you.

But all of these incidents are pointing to something far more disturbing - people are losing those boundaries of civilized behavior.

I carry everywhere, every day and I do not care who doesn't want me to.

Ron Heitman said...

Maybe the Gun Grabbers should have worked on trying to ban the Jerry Springer Show instead of Handguns.