Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Logic of Rand

The link made me look. The headline was about "The Radicalness of Atlas Shrugged" and that seemed counter-intuitive to my stodgy mind. Radical connotes leftist and redistributionist to me. Rand screams individualist and entrepreneur. So I clicked and read:

The Rand Reversal Explained

It's all there and it is clearly expressed. Just don't let the first line discourage you from reading the rest.
If you’ve seen the new "Atlas Shrugged" movie but haven’t yet read the book, you may be wondering what the novel itself has to offer.
I simply couldn't imagine a literate person who hasn't read the book. I guess that shows how detached from reality I am!

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bongobear said...

Really? I know many literate people who haven't read Atlas Shrugged. In fact, I know many people who haven't read any of Rand's work.
I personally prefer The Fountainhead and Anthem.