Friday, April 22, 2011

What a Load Off My Mind!

The Attorney General? How does he get involved in the question of price movements in a global commodity market? What is he going to do? Is this another Bowles-Simpson Task Force which will produce recommendations that he will then dismiss? Not this time, I'm afraid.

This is the run-up to a central planning board for gasoline pricing. For those who didn't remember their Marxist/Leninist basics, that means the government determines what a "fair" price should be without relation to supply and demand. Supply is "mandated" by government decree which is patently absurd in the case of oil which is the prerequisite for gasoline and sold in the open market by uncontrolled producers to a rapidly developing Asian marketplace. Demand is "controlled" by government through rationing which prescribes how much you will be allocated from the mandated supply which doesn't exist in the first place.

Mr. President, Americans drive vehicles powered by gasoline. We choose our vehicles based upon our needs. If we need an SUV because we live in mountains where it snows, we will buy one. If we need a pick-up truck because our business requires moving tools and supplies, we will buy one. If our family needs three rows of seats, we will get a van. If, living in a free country, we want a fast, sporty performance car, we will choose one. That is what American freedom is about.

Mr. President, just this week a survey revealed that the United States is in the top five nations of the world for domestic fossil-fuel resources. In fact, we are number one! We control our destiny and don't have to be dependent upon foreign sources. We're sitting on a massive pool of oil and natural gas. It is ours!

Mr. President, all of the Volts and Leafs and Priuses in the US won't change the growing pressure on the market from China and India become auto-owning nations. Another ten thousand windmills this year won't bring gasoline down a nickel.

Mr. President, the Middle East is in turmoil and that is currently the principal petroleum source for the global market. Your foreign policy is doing nothing to stabilize that. In fact, your unclear actions are exacerbating the situation.

Mr. President, it is your policies and your agenda and your regulation and your EPA and your manifest ignorance of basic economics which is the problem.

You don't need a task force to find that out. You can get it from my freshman political science class. Drop in any time.


Anonymous said...

Just when I was thinking there was no reason to look any further than the White House you write this. How can you read my thoughts from 1000 miles away?

justme said...

I am all for anything that lowers gasoline prices. I am tired of being taken advantage of at the gas pumps.
I AM also tired of people ragging on the president. We vote into him into office,he didn't get there by himself. We should be praying for him instead of constantly tearing him down. You right wingers who claim to be so righteous should go back and read your bibles,,I beleive it says to Pray for the leaders of the country...asking God to give them wisdom. I suggest if you spent more time doing that then what you are doing, maybe you would see more of the changes you would like to see.