Saturday, April 30, 2011

When You Lose San Francisco

Last time I had to spend a couple of days in Gomorrah-by-the-Bay, I couldn't tell a difference between the Chronicle and the Examiner. They were both loon sheets befitting the politics of their area. That's why this conflict is a bit more interesting than it might be if the reporter in question were from the Orange County Register or Wall St. Journal:

Controlling the Fractious Press Pool 

Where's a good Goebbels when you need one?

What did the reporter cover that the White House wants to suppress? Well, it seems that the loons in San Francisco are very wealthy and even when challenging the Bamster on policy, they cough up $76,000 for the privilege. Isn't that simply the perfect example of egalitarian democracy in action?

What policy you ask? Why the one of arresting a military member who maliciously leaked millions of classified documents to a foreign agent for publication, that one! Yes, "Free Pvt. Manning" and "Save the Nuclear Whales" all at once.

Very Nice Song, "Where is Your Change?"

Don't these people understand how sensitive the image of the Messiah is?


Murphy's Law said...

Sad thing is, I think that area is so loopy leftist that even if they get roiling mad at B.O., they'll still vote for him just because he's not a Republican.
Even the protesters that caused this flap gave $76,000 to his re-election campaign as part of their effort to get in the door. if they were protesting at a Republican fundraiser, they'd have stuck with the tired old "call the media and chain themselves to the doors" trick and gotten a lot more press coverage without actually funding their target.

Max said...

Great blog and pics! Love the ones of the Thud. Did you run across Don Kutyna flying the F105? I used to fly for him when he was CC USSPACECOM.
Max Batson
Castle Rock, CO