Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Dare They!

Ayn Rand seems vindicated by the whimsy of the free marketplace. How gauche of these American swine!

Disobeying the Nomenklatura of the MSM

It's not supposed to work that way. The whole concept by which Hollywood and the current government runs is that we are supposed to slaver uncontrollably for that which they support and to studiously avoid the things which they tell us are not proper thinking.

Atlas Shrugged is a terrible book which casts a harsh light on the policies, programs and redistributionist thinking of the current administration. The very idea that people should reap the rewards of their ideas and effort is evil. Profits are routinely characterized as "obscene." Things must be "fair" meaning that all should share in the wealth. The Bamster himself inadvertently admitted it to Joe the Plumber on the campaign trail. We should share the wealth. Patents are evil and innovation should be strictly for the good of the collective.

So here we've got a book written more than fifty years ago that precisely predicted the current situation. More than seven million people have read it and yet Hollywood, which strangely enough is itself the product of creative entrepreneurs, has steadfastly refused to make the film.

An upstart independent grabs the title, raises the necessary seed money and cobbles together a competent production of the first part of a planned three part trilogy. What an affront! How dare they!

The reviewers with their superior objectivity to judge such things declare the film to be terrible. They pan it and yet, despite the poor reviews the impertinent marketplace laps it up. Gotta love it!

Beyond that is the fact that the opening week numbers are for limited release to largely small market theaters! You didn't see promos on TV for the film's opening. You didn't see full-page ads. You didn't get magazine spreads during the production. You got word-of-mouth Internet viral marketing and the result is a comparable per-theater box-office to equal the far more lavish, "Water for Elephants".

Only one question remains. "Who is John Galt?"

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